VIP Casinos for High Rollers

The best VIP casinos understand what VIPs are looking for. Not only are VIP customers looking for an exclusive online casino experience, but many factors make for a high roller experience. Casinos that offer the likes of cashback bonuses, kickbacks, and slot tournaments rank highly. Rewarding VIP players is essential, and the best VIP online casinos know how to treat their high roller players. Getting a cashback is one of the vital perks of being a VIP. Many online gambling establishments offer the top players some form of a rebate, so getting cashback and kickbacks is essential.

The Best VIP Online Casinos


Online Casino for VIP Players

Not every casino caters for high rollers, so if you consider yourself a VIP player, it pays to find the best online casinos for important players. A VIP casino should have a rewards program that offers the likes of free spins, bonus deals, cashback and kickback offers, and customised tournaments. Being a VIP customer isn’t just about how much you turnover; you deserve better deals than players that aren’t risking as much. Therefore, the best casinos have impressive VIP rewards programs. Below is a list of what you could get as a casino VIP.
  • Exclusive tournaments (slots and table games)
  • Reload deposit bonuses
  • Cashback and kickback initiatives
  • Personalised customer service
VIP programs could feature some of these rewards. The most common are rebates, tournaments, and deposit bonuses. Tournaments are always great fun, and the leaderboards show you your progress against other high rollers. Finding the best online casino for you isn’t always easy, but looking out for the above features is a good start. If a casino doesn’t offer VIP customers with cashback or tournament deals, it’s probably not a casino high rollers will want to play. Essentially, a VIP casino is an online casino that makes you feel like you’re well looked after. You want a personalised experience when playing, so making sure you’re catered for is a high priority for the best online casinos.

How do I Become a VIP Player at an Online Casino?

There is no set definition of how to become a VIP player. However, if you make big deposits and wager at a high level, you should be entitled to Very Important Person benefits. Different casinos have different criteria to become a VIP customer, but if you have any questions about your importance, live chat with the casino. They will be able to tell you if you qualify for the added benefits, such as bonuses and gifts. You will be contacted by a member of the management team, who will discuss your criteria and eligibility for becoming a high-profile player.

Rewards with a Casino VIP Program

The beauty of being a top-level player at a casino is the rewards associated with being one. Every casino offers different VIP programs and reward schemes, but most have a few things in common. The rewards can come in many various ways, including free spins, super spins, deposit bonuses or goodwill bonuses. Casinos like to come up with new ways to reward their most prominent players. However, below are some of the more common perks that real money online casinos reward their loyal players with.


An online casino cashback can be either a rebate on real money or bonus money. Typically only available for VIP customers, the casino will give you cashback bonus if you have a losing session. It could come in the form of a partial rebate on your latest deposit, or it’s calculated by how much you have lost. Cashbacks are popular in other types of online gambling, so it makes sense for online casinos to reward their most prominent players. Either way, getting a cashback is a nice perk of being a VIP customer.


A kickback is available for casino VIP customers, and it usually comes in the form of bonus chips. Depending on the size of your deposit, a casino could offer you a kickback on that deposit. They range in percentages, but they are commonly between 5-10%. Not all casinos offer kickback deals, as cashback bonuses are more common, but look for the kickback deals if they apply at your favourite casino.


We all love a bit of goodwill from time-to-time. Online casinos do as well, and VIP customers can ask for a goodwill bonus depending on your rapport with the casino. Goodwill can come in the form of a no-deposit bonus, which is the most popular. It gives players money to spend at the casino without needing to make a deposit, acting as a ‘thank you’ for being a customer. No-deposit bonuses are available for regular customers, but they’re not nearly as common. High roller casinos are known for goodwill bonuses so look out for them.

Reload Bonus

A reload bonus is excellent for any player wanting to deposit and take advantage of the welcome bonus. Most non-VIP customers can’t access reload bonuses, but high rollers can enjoy the perks. You can either get a deposit bonus or free spins when you reload, which makes parting with your money much more beneficial. There is no set cap for a reload bonus as some can reach high levels. Reload bonuses are common, so check with your VIP programs manager for more information.

Leaderboards and Tournaments

Leaderboards and tournaments go hand-in-hand with VIP programs. Exclusive tournaments are held throughout the year and are usually runs on slot games. You can make your way up the leaderboard by playing slot games, which in turn gets you some quality rewards. Casino VIP members love playing tournaments, and it’s a fun and interactive way to utilise the online casino fully. Some of the tournaments are open to the public, but many are by invitation only. These are the ones you should look out for as the prizes and rewards can be very generous.

Advantages of a VIP Casino

Expectations are always high for VIP players, and so they should be. You’re risking more than the average player, and you should get rewarded as such. Online casinos know this, so they’re happy to throw some benefits in your direction. Not only do you get deposit and reward bonuses, but there are many more benefits to being a casino VIP. There is no cap on how much you can deposit, no withdrawal limit, and getting verified is easier. It’s all the things that ensure your online casino experience is a positive and enjoyable one. Below are some of the benefits you should expect from being a valued customer at an online casino.

Easy verification

Becoming a verified customer can be a little annoying, but VIP players get some additional help. A manager should make the verification process simple and fast. They can tell you exactly what documents you need to get verified and you don’t want to wait as long. For regular customers, getting verified and can a back-and-forth process. Depending on if you have the right documents, it can take over a week to get fully verified. Once you’re verified, you can withdraw your funds anytime you want. If you are a VIP customer, make sure you have a dedicated manager for things like verification.

Deposit big amounts

Some restrictions are in place for high roller players, but you can deposit big amounts compared to regular casino players. Having the ability to make a deposit of any size gives you the freedom to control your playing experience. No one likes being capped, but some casinos have to force players to pull back on the reins. There are no such issues for VIP customers, who get less strict deposit requirements. In some cases, there is no deposit limit at all, so players are welcome to deposit as much as they wish. We firmly believe players that have the means should be able to deposit as much as they like, so becoming a high roller allows this to happen.

Withdraw big amounts fast

A big issue with some players is not being able to withdraw a large amount of money. It’s not typically an issue facing VIP customers as the withdrawal limits and processing times are improved. If you’re a VIP player, you are allowed to withdraw more, which makes sense because you’re also depositing more than the average player. Processing times are also improved, so you get your money fast. Casinos must process your money as soon as possible, so they endeavour to make this happen. If you’re not happy with how long it takes to receive your funds from an online casino, contact its customer service team. There might be quicker casino payment methods than the current one you’re using.

Casino Game Offerings for VIP Players

VIP players have access to more games and VIP casinos should offer certain games from specific software developers. We want only the best for the big players, so they deserve to play the best games. To qualify as a VIP casino, a casino should have some of the following.
  • High stakes live casino games powered by Evolution Gaming
  • High stakes table games powered by Microgaming
  • High stakes slot games with high volatility, powered by the likes of Microgaming, ELK, Aristocrat, Yggdrasil and others.
The best VIP casinos should have high stakes blackjack, roulette, and baccarat. It’s a stable of any quality online casino and VIP customers should have a good range of table options. Not only table games, but VIPs have access to the best slot games. These are the ones with the highest volatility, which means the best chance for them to payout. Slots such as Bloodsuckers, MegaJoker, and Jokerizer are some of the best RTP slots in the business. They should be available to VIP players and only games released by the best software developers should be offered.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get in touch with a VIP Manager?

You can contact us via our about us page and leave your details so that we can connect you with the right person. Or, follow our links to the online casino and open the live chat option. A customer service representative will be in touch, and they will direct you to a member of the VIP team. From there, you can discuss what’s needed to become a VIP and everything you’ll get from being a member.

Which Casinos have the best VIP Programs?

Casinos that have the best VIP programs are the ones that offer fast cashouts, high deposit limits, VIP casino games, and VIP bonuses and promotions. These are all essential aspects for a top-level casino and having a quality casino rewards program is imperative. For the best choice of VIP casinos, look at our best VIP Casinos Table for an overview and selection of the best available.

How do I qualify for a VIP Program?

There are no set rules when it comes to qualifying as a VIP. However, you will need to make big and consistent deposits to qualify. A VIP manager will be in touch with you if you are eligible as a VIP customer. If you believe you should be eligible and you haven’t been contacted, feel free to contact the online casino to discuss your options. Some casinos could have a deposit threshold that you need to hit to progress to the next level, and knowing what that threshold is can be relevant to your playing experience.

What does a VIP Manager do?

A VIP manager ensures your online casino experience is enjoyable. They help with everything from deposits, withdrawals, verification, bonuses, and much more. Having a manager takes the stress away from ensuring that you’re getting the best possible deal from the casino. You get one manager for your duration at the online casino, and although they work for the casino, they have your best interests at heart.