Skrill Casinos NZ

Skrill is an online deposit and withdrawal methods. It's one of the most popular banking options for online casino players in New Zealand and some excellent casino sites accept Skrill as a form of payment.

What is Skrill?

Skrill is a digital wallet, otherwise known as an e-wallet. It allows customers to pay with many online retailers throughout the world, but it’s also an excellent option for casino players. Skrill is an accepted payment with online casinos, bookmakers and also in poker rooms. It gives customers the ability to use it throughout the world, and it doesn’t matter where you’re based, you can use Skrill for a variety of online services. Designed initially as a prepaid method, much like Paysafecard, Skrill became an e-wallet due to increased demand for online payments. Money can be sent in shops using Skrill, but it can also be received, making it different from Paysafecard and different from a prepaid card. Not only is it run by a company that has been in the game for years, but it’s constantly evolving with the nature of online casinos. Most importantly, a Skrill casino has the best games and deposit bonuses available, so there’s no reason not to use Skrill when playing at your favourite gambling site. Kiwis just need to open an account, and are then ready to start depositing at a casino.

How it Works

You have an option to link your bank account with your Skrill account. It means you can withdraw money from your casino account into your Skrill account and then transfer your funds into your bank. Skrill casino sites make depositing and withdrawing easy for users and much like PayPal and POli, it’s available at any time of the day. Kiwis have been able to use Skrill for years, and it’s one of their preferred methods of payment because it’s easy to use and trusted. It takes the money from your e-wallet and puts it in your account instantly, so there is no waiting time to hit the tables or play the slots.

The Prepaid Credit Card

Just when you thought there weren’t more banking options, you can have a Skrill credit card. The card is a valid Mastercard credit card, but it’s prepaid. Therefore, you need to have funds in your account before you can use the card, unlike most traditional credit cards. It can be used anywhere, including at the online casinos listed in this guide, and the customer can choose between four different currencies. It differs from the overall service provided by Skrill, which offers over 40 currencies, but it’s still a viable option for many players. The prepaid credit card is great for anyone wanting to keep a budget and also excellent for customers wishing to purchase items on the internet and play at an online casino. When you log into the casino platform, and you have a Skrill credit card, you need to select “credit card” as opposed to ‘Skrill’. It has all the functions of a credit card, and funds available on the card aren’t available through your e-wallet. We also have a page dedicated to credit card casino sites for Kiwi players if this interests you.

Skrill and Online Gambling

Online casinos have been in existence for a long time now. With that comes a wealth of experience in making customers happy, and running in conjunction with that is offering customers an array of payment options. Offering as many payment options is important for an online casino, and that’s where Skrill fits in nicely. You have the option to deposit via credit card, debit card or Paysafecard, but Skrill offers an e-wallet option, and it’s excellent to have. Even though there are other e-wallet providers, Skrill and its parent company give New Zealanders the choice of both a card and wallet. Being one of the most-used payment methods is one thing, but ensuring your money is safe is another. It’s where Skrill excels and keeping funds safe is at the utmost importance for the Paysafe Group. Casinos don’t offer customers payment options from providers that aren’t trustworthy, so you can rest assured your money is safe with them. Unlike a credit card, your e-wallet funds can’t be stolen or used fraudulently. They’re safe and easy to deposit with, so there’s no hassle when depositing your favourite online casino.

Skrill Casino Bonuses

When you sign up to a casino, you can accept one or multiple bonuses. Some methods of payment exclude you from getting a welcome bonus, but not Skrill. Casinos accept it as a method of payment, and that means you’re eligible for deposit bonuses and everything else on offer. Some casinos even offer players depositing with Skrill an added bonus. However, if you want a bonus to play the best casino games, there’s nothing wrong with setting Skrill as your primary payment method. Before you make a deposit, it’s best to read the terms and conditions of the online casino. You can then determine what bonus you’re eligible for when depositing with Skrill. Gambling sites welcome deposits using the popular e-wallet, and some go the extra mile. Because of the trusted and excellent reputation of Skrill, some sites can offer customers special bonuses if you deposit with it.

The Company

Many online players are familiar with the name Skrill, but it wasn’t always a household name. Starting in 2001 as Moneybookers, the company had considerable early success under that name. However, as technology improved and company names began to get shorter, Skrill was introduced in 2013, and it took over the brand. Since being rebranded in 2013, its has become one of the most popular e-wallet payment options for not only casino players, but anyone wanting to buy goods and services online. Skrill is a part of the Paysafe Group, which also runs Paysafecard and Neteller. The stable of online banking options makes the company extremely commercial for online casino players and having both an e-wallet and prepaid card options is excellent news for customers. Paysafecard is a prepaid card that allows New Zealanders to deposit at online casinos with ease. You have an option to deposit using your Paysafecard and to withdraw your money into your Skrill account. They all work together, and it’s only good news for New Zealand players who like to use multiple banking methods. Because Skrill is one part of the cog of Paysafe Group, it increases its credibility. It’s not a rogue online payment system; instead, it’s a trusted payment method for online casino players. A Skrill casino is available to New Zealanders and using it is extremely easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use Skrill for online casino?

Yes. Skrill is available at loads of online casinos. The official Skrill logo will be presented if it’s available.

Can you gamble using Skrill?

Yes, you can gamble your money using Skrill. It’s an e-wallet that is accepted with many major gambling organisations around the world.

Are deposits instant?

Yes. Skrill deposits are instantaneous. If you are looking to fund your online casino account, your transaction is processed immediately, and you can play instantly. It’s one of the quickest forms of payment in the online gambling industry.

Are withdrawals instant?

Yes, withdraws into your Skrill online account are instant from an online casino. There are no processing times when money leaves your casino account, unlike when you make a withdrawal into your bank account.

Are there fees for using Skrill?

Yes. When withdrawing funds from your casino account, there are fees involved. It can be around 2.9% of your transaction, which is consistent with other e-wallet options.

Is Skrill the best option for online casino players?

It is one of the best. Many online casino players from New Zealand fund their accounts using Skrill. It’s an easy and fast online payment method, and that’s essential for anyone wanting to gamble online.

Is Skrill available in New Zealand?

Yes, Skrill is available for New Zealand gamblers. It is commonly used with buying items on the internet, and it’s also available for funding your online casino account.

Do I need to register?

Yes, you need to register for a Skrill account to use it at an online casino. The sign-up process takes only a matter of minutes, and it requires your details and also a method of payment. You can choose to fund your Skrill account via bank transfer or a card. It’s a quick process, and you’ll be ready to play the best casino games in no time.

Who can use Skrill?

Anyone who has access to the “one-off payment” functionality offered by a supported online banking facility can use Skrill. Please note that your bank might use a different name when taking money from your banks, such as Pay anyone, or Third Party transaction.

Is using Skrill safe?

Yes. Security is a high priority, and it does everything in its power to ensure your information is safe. All your information and funds are fully protected, which means you can play at an online casino carefree.

What is Skrill 1-Tap?

As the name suggests, you can deposit money into your casino with one tap. It’s a super-quick payment option for players who want to play the slots or tables quick smart. Having the ability to process quick deposits is a great addition for any player.

Is it possible to use Skrill with Bitcoin?

Yes. You can transfer funds from Skrill to bitcoin and vice versa. You can deposit bitcoins directly to your account, and your account can also be used to buy and sell bitcoin.