ecoPayz Online Casinos NZ

EcoPayz always has been a popular e-wallet for gamblers in New Zealand. If you are not yet familiar with them then please read our guide down below. We will be discussing all the benefits like speedy deposits, as well as the ins and outs of using this payment provider.

Deposit with ecoPayz in Online Casinos

Making deposits at ecoPayz casinos could not be easier. Simply follow these steps, and you will be ready to play the games in no time. If you do not have an ecoAccount, details of how to open one are available further down this page.
  1. Register: If you have not already done so, open an account at the ecoPayz casinos of your choice. If you need help finding casinos accepting ecoPayz, please consult our collection of recommended operators in New Zealand. Registration is fast and easy, requiring only some basic information such as your full name and contact details. As with all sites requiring financial transactions, please ensure that all your details are correct.
  1. Open deposits page: Once you are signed in to your ecoPayz casinos player account, navigate to the payments page. Here you will find a list of supported payment options.
  1. Choose payment provider: Select ‘ecoPayz’ from the list, and enter the amount of money you wish to deposit.
  1. Log in to ecoPayz: The site will redirect you to ecoPayz, where you must log in to your secure ecoPayz account.
  1. Confirm transaction: The money will appear instantly in your ecoPayz casinos account.
The whole process takes just a couple of minutes, and players can choose which ecoPayz account they wish to complete the payment with. The options are ecoAccount, ecoCard or ecoVirtualcard. For more details on these, please scroll down to the FAQ section at the end of this page.

What is ecoPayz and How does it Work?

Anyone who makes a lot of online transactions or visits online gambling sites is most likely to be familiar with e-wallets. Also known as a digital wallet, an e-wallet is a virtual prepaid credit or debit card which allows customers to make payments and purchases online. E-wallets are usually linked to a traditional bank account, and funds can be transferred from one to the other. These days, e-wallets can be funded via other means as well. Some well-known e-wallets include PayPal, and the newer Neteller and Skrill. Even though it is less of a household name than these, ecoPayz has been in operation for two decades already. The company was rebranded from EcoCard in 2013, when they launched their full product range. Since then, the number of casinos accepting ecoPayz has multiplied. EcoPayz is a trusted and well-regulated online payment service, available in most of the world and supported in more than 45 currencies. It offers customers a safe way to move money across the globe in an instant. The company is a principal member of Mastercard, and is licensed to issue prepaid credit cards in the EU. Different services are available for individuals, merchants and businesses. EcoPayz claims to be the fastest and easiest way to move money internationally. Players who choose ecoPayz casinos know that they are using one of the safest and swiftest transaction methods available. Many players find that they open an account purely to use at ecoPayz casinos, but continue to use the products and services for other purposes.

How do You Open an ecoAccount

In order to play at ecoPayz casinos, you first need to open what is known as an ecoAccount. The opening of such an account takes only a few minutes, and full instructions can be found on the ecoPayz homepage. When creating the account, you will need to think of a unique username and a secure password. Please ensure that you create the account from your own country of residence, in order to avoid problems later. With a functioning ecoPayz account, you are able to make online transactions such as deposits and withdrawals at casinos accepting ecoPayz. It used to be the case that a bank account was required to place funds into an ecoAccount, but now there are a number of different ways to do this such as Neosurf or Paysafe prepaid cards and many local online options. You can also send and receive money between other ecoAccount holders around the world. With an ecoAccount, all personal data is kept safe from fraud. As ecoPayz is regulated by the UK FCA, it must have the highest standards of security. No data is ever shared with third party operators, and this includes ecoPayz casinos. All transactions are protected by SSL encryption, and data security complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

Which ecoAccounts are There & What are Their Benefits?

An ecoAccount is necessary when using ecoPayz casinos, and if you wish to transfer money to other ecoPayz customers. However, there are different levels of account which depend on how you use ecoPayz. The five levels, all of which are free to register, are as follows: Classic: This is the basic level of ecoAccount, and it is what all customers receive when they first sign up. The classic level has limited functionality, and a total lifetime spending limit of €2,500 or the currency equivalent. A Classic account cannot transfer money to other ecoPayz users. This level is not enough for casinos accepting ecoPayz. Silver: If you wish to use your ecoAccount to play at casinos with ecoPayz, then it is recommended that you upgrade to the Silver level. This can be done by verifying your identity, in the same way as you would at ecoPayz casinos. Send a copy of some photographic identification, such as a passport or official ID card, along with a second identifying document. This can be another photo-ID such as a driving license, or a utility bill or bank statement with your name and address. Additionally, a clear and recent photograph of your face is required. All this is done electronically. Gold: At Gold level, fees for international transfers and currency conversion are lower, and daily spending limits are higher. In order to qualify for Gold level, customers must have held Silver level for at least thirty days, deposited a minimum of €2,500 into their account from a verified debit or credit card, and transferred at least €25,000 to merchants. This level is beneficial for high rollers, but for the majority of ecoPayz casinos the Silver level is more than sufficient. Platinum and VIP: These two levels are only available to residents of European countries. Customers must first apply for an ecoCard, which again is not available for New Zealand residents. In addition, total spending must be higher still. It is not necessary to hold a Platinum or VIP ecoAccount in order to use ecoPayz casinos. Generally speaking, the higher the level, the fewer fees customers have and the higher the spending limits. For ecoPayz casinos, the Silver level has all the necessary features including withdrawals and deposits.

EcoPayz Fees

Opening an account with ecoPayz is always free. Certain fees apply when carrying out transactions and transfers. The following are some of the fees that apply to the Silver level. Where there is a range, this is dependent on the options available in your region, and on any concurrent bank charges. All amounts are given in euros, and the currency equivalent applies.
  • Bank transfer: up to 10%
  • Deposit with credit card: €0.25 + 1.69-6.00%
  • Deposit with ecoVoucher: 2.9%
  • Deposit with alternative currency: FREE
  • Western Union send or receive: FREE
  • Payment on bank account: €5.90 – €10.00
  • Convert currency: 2.99%
  • Monthly account maintenance if inactive for 12 months: €1.50
  • Transfer to different ecoAccount: 1.5% or minimum €0.50
For Gold levels and above, some of the fees are slightly reduced.

Why use ecoPayz?

For customers in New Zealand, there are many regulated online casinos that accept ecoPayz. EcoPayz is an e-wallet service, offering players the highest levels of security and privacy when making online transactions. It is also extremely fast and easy to use, making it the perfect payment service for gambling sites. There are many advantages to playing at ecoPayz casinos. At casinos accepting ecoPayz, NZ players will have access to all types of bonus offers and special promotions, some of which are not available to other e-wallet users. No matter which type of games you prefer to play, you will find them all at casinos accepting ecoPayz. At ecoPayz casinos there are hundreds of games to keep every player amused. Choose from a huge range of pokies, from classic to modern video slots and progressive jackpots with potentially massive payouts. If you prefer games with an element of skill, many ecoPayz casinos also offer poker and blackjack variants, along with other classic wagering games like roulette and baccarat. Some New Zealand ecoPayz casinos also have live dealer tables, bringing players even closer to the action.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ecoPayz safe?

Yes, ecoPayz is a completely secure online payment method. The company is regulated by the UK FCA, and upholds strict standards of online financial security.

Can I deposit and withdraw using ecoPayz?

Yes. Unlike some other e-wallets, at ecoPayz casinos you can use your ecoAccount to make transactions both in and out of your player account.

What is an ecoVirtualcard?

The ecoVirtualcard is another product that can be used at ecoPayz casinos. It is a prepaid voucher that is used by entering a card number of 16 digits and a PIN. Each card can be used for a single transaction only. It is an extremely secure way to make deposits at ecoPayz online casinos. The card is available in EUR, GBP or USD, and currency conversion fees of 2.99% apply.

Where can I get an ecoVirtualcard?

If you would like to use an ecoVirtualcard at any ecoPayz accepted online casinos, you first need to have an ecoAccount at Silver level or above. Then, it is just a matter of ordering the card with a few clicks. Remember that the card is only available for a single transaction.

What is an ecoCard?

The ecoCard is a physical, prepaid credit card that is supported by the Mastercard network. It can be used to make online payments to casinos accepting ecoPayz, contactless transactions in shops, or to withdraw money from ATMs. The card can be ordered by those who have a Silver ecoAccount or above. Unfortunately, the card is not available to residents in New Zealand.

How do I deposit money into my ecoAccount?

There are many way to top up your ecoAccount to use at ecoPayz casinos, most commonly a bank transfer or a debit/credit card. In New Zealand, some of the local options also include POLi, Neosurf, Paysafecard, Trustly, QIWI and Sofort – as well as the popular mobile payment providers like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Is it safe to gamble at ecoPayz casinos?

In most cases, online casinos accepting ecoPayz are very secure. EcoPayz is a high-profile company with a good reputation to protect, so it is unlikely to partner with an untrustworthy gambling site. If you are looking for secure and licensed ecoPayz casinos, please consult the recommendations found on our site.

Do all casinos accept ecoPayz?

No, not all gambling sites are ecoPayz casinos, but there are many casinos accepting ecoPayz in New Zealand. Browse our overview to find the ones that are available to kiwi gamblers.

Do ecoPayz casinos support NZD?

EcoPayz itself does support NZ dollars. Some ecoPayz casinos also accept deposits and withdrawals in NZD, but this varies between sites.

How fast are withdrawals at ecoPayz casinos?

At casinos accepting ecoPayz, deposits are usually instant. In the case of withdrawals, it depends on the site. Most will process the payment within 1-3 days.